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Have The Courage To Try

I believe that everyone has a passion and a purpose. I speak to students and leaders about
the power of bold action and finding the courage to transform outcomes.

High-Octane Experience

By creating a culture of continuous learning, growth, and empowerment, students and leaders can thrive and achieve their highest potential. When we are encouraged and supported, it can lead to higher levels of engagement, productivity, innovation, and overall success.

Limiting beliefs can indeed be a significant obstacle that holds students and organizations back from realizing their full potential. Beliefs and fears are often rooted in our past experiences, conditioning, and negative self-talk. They can manifest as doubts, fears, and thought patterns that hinder our progress, limit others capabilities, and prevent them from taking risks and pursuing opportunities.

Dr. Erek Clacks shares the importance of taking calculated risks, stepping out of one’s comfort zone, and embracing change as necessary steps towards growth. He also shares insights on navigating challenges, managing fear, and staying resilient in the face of adversity.

This is conducted by providing a high-octane experience that inspires audiences to immediately take control of their mentality, purpose, and actions.

About Erek Clacks

Erek helps students and leaders overcome challenges, tap into their full potential, and achieve greatness with his enthralling presentations and passionate message. Erek is notable for his ability to forge deep emotional connections with his audience. To demonstrate to his audience that their current circumstances do not dictate their future, he shares his own experiences of overcoming difficulties. His authenticity and relatability inspire others to take charge and understand the significance of perseverance.

In his inspiring and engaging keynote presentations, Erek discusses his unique experiences leading in one of the world's most challenging environments—combat. He is uniquely qualified in the principles of winning under duress, adapting to change, and overcoming challenges. Erek uses a framework to help provide the confidence to rise above the challenges and succeed in the future.

Erek Inspires To First Lead Oneself

Has this speaker actually done it?

YES! You can also become more fulfilled from the inside out.

What use is information if you aren’t motivated to put it into practice?

Erek's presentations are tailored to each audience, incorporating original research and customized insights. This approach ensures that the content is relevant and valuable to the specific group he is addressing. By providing practical insights, delivering presentations with energy, and sharing powerful stories, Erek is able to captivate and inspire his audiences to push their boundaries and help them achieve ground-breaking achievements.

Is the speaker engaging and relevant?

The use of practical insights ensures that attendees can take actionable steps once they return to their everyday environment. By offering a specific plan for applying new ideas, Erek empowers individuals and organizations to implement the knowledge gained from his presentations effectively.

The fact that Erek’s writings and research have been published speaks to his expertise and credibility in the field. Published works often serve as valuable resource for those seeking in-depth knowledge and insights. This demonstrates that Erek’s ideas and research have been recognized and deemed worthy of sharing with a wider audience.

Overall, Erek’s ability to provide customized insight, inspire with energy and relevant stories, and offer practical takeaways aligns with his goal of making a lasting impact on his audience. By sharing his writings and research, he extends his influence beyond his presentations, enabling others to benefit from his expertise and apply his insights in their own endeavors.

Erek’s passion for excellence and dedication to delivering exceptional speeches will be evident in every moment, leaving your audience inspired, and ready to take action to create positive change.


Through his keynote presentations and seminars, Erek inspires students and leaders to take courageous action by touching their emotions, igniting their hearts, and assisting them in breaking self-limiting beliefs. He inspires his audience to be passionate, energetic, and driven about the future so that they wake up every day ready to face their obstacles because they have confidence. You can begin now. Will you come join me?

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"His story is one of perseverance,
determination, and an example of what can be achieved
when one does not accept the barriers that are in your way."

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Have the courage to try

Decisions Mark The Beginning Of A New Direction

Erek will assist you in making the commitment to take on new challenges in order to achieve previously unattainable goals and design the life you've always imagined.

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