Erek encapsulates the essence of decision-making and the transformative power of choice in shaping our lives. His poetic, unbiased, and powerful story underscores the significance of having a plan, acquiring knowledge, and embracing change as necessary components of personal growth and evolution.

The realization that leadership commences with self-influence is a profound insight that resonates deeply. It emphasizes the importance of leading ourselves before leading others, which involves conquering self-doubt and being adaptable to change. Erek is a decorated military combat veteran and advanced from the rank of private to commander because of his perseverance and dedication to intellectual and personal development. He also sought additional education, earning a Ph.D. It demonstrates his drive to advance both personally and professionally. It is evidence of his tenacity and the work he put forth to accomplish his objectives.

Furthermore, Erek sheds light on his journey as a black American who has encountered stereotypes and challenges. His resilience, perseverance, and unwavering determination in the face of adversity are a testament to his strength and serve as an inspiration to readers of all races, communities, and families. His strategies for taking bold action and summoning the courage to try can resonate with individuals from diverse backgrounds, providing guidance and inspiration.

Have the Courage to Try is a compelling narrative that showcases the power of decisions, the significance of self-influence, and the role of personal growth and resilience in shaping one’s life. Erek’s inspirational story of overcoming obstacles, pursuing education, and leadership, provides readers with insightful information and motivation as they set out on their own paths of personal growth and discovery.


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