Hi I'M Erek.

A leadership expert who inspires students and leaders to take control of outcomes by sharing the lessons he learned which enables him to offer insight and direction from a credible platform.

I didn't think I was better, and nothing came easily. To be clear, I felt consumed with self-doubt, uncomfortable, and wondering why things were the way they were. I also had a strong conviction that I needed to take action to change my situation. In order to survive the early years of living in a single-parent home in Philadelphia, PA., I developed "The Courage to Try." I considered myself an outlier and embraced it. This required me to choose my own direction in an unconventional, unexpected, and uncommon way in high performance environments.

General Douglas MacArthur
Award Recipient


MIAI Abrams

Human Resources Director



Best Selling

Dr. Erek Clacks is a dynamic communicator with an incredible story. As a former M1A1 combat tank commander in the U.S. Army, he is accustomed to working in rapidly changing, dynamic environments where preparation produces dynamic outcomes.

His life story enables him to connect with others striving for greatness by drawing on his personal experiences and challenges. This ability to share his personal stories and experiences is particularly valuable, as it helps his audience relate to the challenges they face.

Erek’s perspective and method offer insights that replace patterns of failure for patterns of success, regardless of where you are or what you have experienced.

Erek is a husband and the proud father of two amazing young men. A real renaissance man, he is an avid reader, hiker, surfer, biker, snowboarder, motorcyclist, fitness fanatic, boater, artist, poet, runner, and mentor.

After his extensive leadership experiences, he made a conscious decision to leverage his expertise and insights gained from his time in various positions by investing time and effort into intensive research and conducting studies on leadership and earning a doctorate degree. This allowed him to further expand his knowledge and refine his understanding of leadership practices to help others achieve amazing results.

Having obtained a unique viewpoint and insight into what sets the world’s best apart by merging his experiences with his research findings, inclusive of his firsthand knowledge of achievement, gives him an understanding of the methods, strategies, and procedures that create extraordinary performance and growth.

Erek connects with his audience on a deep and meaningful level. His enthusiasm shines through when he is with a student or speaking to organizations helping change perspective as to what can be accomplished. This is true whether he is meeting and greeting people with a kind smile or assisting them in taking control of their future.

He believes that everyone has the capacity for greatness within them. Helping them find their passion and purpose is essential to cultivating this. Erek helps them discover their particular talents.

Unfortunately, many are unaware that they possess greatness. Everyone has the potential to excel! They simply require the right mindset and environment to grow into excellence. Everyone wishes to succeed; it is our responsibility to teach them how.

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