Unleashing the Power of Courage: Lessons from Dr. Erek Clacks’ Inspiring Journey

Courage is a force that propels individuals to overcome obstacles, embrace change, and achieve their dreams. In the book “Have The Courage To Try” by Dr. Erek Clacks, readers are taken on an inspiring journey that encapsulates the transformative power of courage. Dr. Clacks, a renowned leader and former US Army Major, shares his personal experiences, wisdom, and strategies for cultivating courage in the face of adversity. Through his compelling narrative, readers are guided on a path of self-discovery, resilience, and personal growth.

This blog delves into the powerful lessons one can glean from Dr. Clacks’ journey and explores the importance of embracing courage in our own lives.

Embracing Courage: The Foundation for Personal Growth

Dr. Erek Clacks’ journey is a testament to the remarkable transformations that can occur when individuals embrace courage. Throughout the book, Dr. Clacks emphasizes the importance of courage as the bedrock for personal growth. He shares his own experiences of stepping outside his comfort zone, challenging societal expectations, and pursuing his dreams with unwavering determination. By illustrating the power of courage, Dr. Clacks inspires readers to confront their fears, break free from self-imposed limitations, and embark on their own path of personal growth.

Overcoming Adversity: Resilience in the Face of Challenges

Dr. Clacks’ inspiring journey is not without its share of challenges. As a Black American, he encountered stereotypes, discrimination, and systemic obstacles throughout his life. However, his resilience in the face of adversity truly shines through. Dr. Clacks refused to be defined by these challenges and instead used them as fuel to propel himself forward. He demonstrates that resilience is not about avoiding hardships but about harnessing the strength within to overcome them. Through his story, readers are encouraged to embrace their resilience and find the courage to persevere in facing life’s obstacles.

Leading with Courage: Lessons in Servant-Based Leadership

Dr. Clacks’ experiences as a military leader, human resource director, and organizational leadership professor have shaped his leadership philosophy. He advocates for servant-based leadership, where leaders prioritize their team members’ needs, foster trust and collaboration, and inspire others to reach their full potential. Dr. Clacks emphasizes that true leadership begins with leading oneself and conquering self-doubt. By showcasing his journey of self-discovery and growth, he encourages readers to embrace their leadership potential and create positive change in their spheres of influence.

The Power of Change: Embracing Transformation

Change is a constant in life, and Dr. Clacks’ journey is a testament to the transformative power of embracing change. He shares personal stories of leaving his comfort zone, challenging societal norms, and embracing new opportunities. Dr. Clacks encourages readers to view change as an opportunity for growth rather than a threat. He provides practical strategies for navigating change, including visualization, goal-setting, and perseverance. Through his experiences, readers learn that change is not to be feared but rather embraced as a catalyst for personal and professional development.

Inspiring Others: Cultivating Courage and Empowering Communities

Dr. Clacks’ journey is not solely about personal growth but also about empowering others to embrace courage and achieve their own dreams. He highlights the importance of sharing knowledge, supporting others, and creating a culture of courage within communities. Dr. Clacks’ commitment to mentorship and dedication to uplifting marginalized individuals is a powerful example for readers. His story demonstrates his unwavering determination to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Through his book, he invites readers to join him on a journey of empowerment, where they can cultivate their own courage and inspire those around them.


In “Have The Courage To Try,” Dr. Erek Clacks shares his inspiring journey of personal growth, resilience, and leadership. Through his experiences, he demonstrates the transformative power of courage and provides practical strategies for embracing change and achieving one’s dreams. Dr. Clacks’ story serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment, encouraging readers to unleash their own power of courage and live their best lives.

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